Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Believing & Non-Believing

First we take up the meaning of Belief.  Belief is a principle etc., accepted as true or real, especially without proof, or opinion , conviction etc.,in other words, it is  a denial of Truth. You don't believe that earth is revolving round the Sun, you just know it. That is the truth. 

One more word we generally use is - Faith. What is faith? Faith is a strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without Proof, or a specific system of religious belief.

So when I say, I believe in God or some other super-being, actually  I am denying the truth. And Non-believing is also a Belief. Here you are believing that, God or whatever it is - as  non-existent.

In my view, the problem is , since our birth, we are fed with this belief , of the existence of God and its powers, within our families and the society around us. Hence , we are forced to accept the beliefs followed by the people surrounding us, inadvertently. You are not offered another point of view/choice  or even allowed . By the time , you are grown up,  you start believing what is fed into your brains, consciously and unconsciously , in whatever religion one is born. There is no choice , here, for any other view, except what is fed, from your birth  
What this belief system (Believing in God or otherwise) do to our psyche, in the long run? Does it help you to attain peace and saves you from all troubles and sufferings? Does it help in realizing the truth or what ever you are aiming at? Does it give you solace, calmness of mind,  permanently ? Does these make us Self reliant to solve our suffering/problems on our own?  For me , it is Big capital NO.  What , I experienced , in my , so called spiritual journey is , It makes  you dependent and throws the responsibility of your actions on the other –ie., God or the Super – being sitting somewhere above. You are fed or taught from the childhood, that , if you pray to such and such God, He will help you get good marks or he or she will help you gain knowledge etc., You are fed that , if we face any problems in life , you go to a particular temple and do poojas to get over the trouble. There are 100s of different Gods/temples for solving different life problems. And , our numerous Pandits , advice doing various poojas or havans , to overcome the suffering, one is facing at that particular time. So, you are always depending on a source , outside your self, to solve your life problems. It never ends in your life time and continues till death. At the time of death also, people say, if you hear and say God’s name , one will enter heaven after death. Most of our religious Gurus , profess the same , each in a different way, and attract vast number of dependents- the so called followers. Day by day the number of dependents are increasing but not reducing. They are making people ,prisoners of their belief systems. Once you are in it, you are permanently lose your thinking faculties and  get hypnotized to their thoughts. 

But, sometimes these may work . But, mostly it is the opposite.
Most of you , will definitely don’t agree with what I have said. And I don’t want also. Because , what I am saying here is my internal journey. But ,I just request you to do a practical experiment. Its very simple. Just remove all Gods or Gurus etc., from your Pooja room or place , and don’t think of God or pray even once, for one week completely. No religious activity at all. Rest of the things you do normally. Then see for yourself the result or experience of the  experiment. You will be surprised by the result!

As for me , since one year , I stopped this business of Believing in God or otherwise. The argument of whether God is existing or not has become irrelevant to me now. The middle path or the way of life shown by The Goutama Buddha , is relevant for me now. You may say that this is also dependency in one way.  But , Buddha has placed the responsibility entirely on the individual. He has shown the way for the internal journey . Peacefulness can be  attained only through Self-realization. And Self-realization can come only to one, who is free to think out , his own problems, without let or hindrance. Each individual should make appropriate effort and break the shakles of existence by perseverance , self exertion and insight, and not through Prayer and petition to a Super-Being etc.,

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