Thursday, 30 October 2014

GOING Within

In every moment We have a choice as to how we see a situation. We can see it through eyes caught in the materialist mindset that worries whether or not we are  going to get what we think will make us happy. Alternatively, we can choose to see it through eyes free from this thought system.

But it is not always easy to make that choice. Once We’ve been caught by a fearful perception, We’re seldom aware there could even be another way of seeing things. We think our reality is the only reality. Sometimes, however, We recognise there could be another way of seeing things, but We don’t know what it is. We can’t make the shift on our own; We need help. But where to go for help? Other people are as likely to be caught in the same thought system as we are. 

The place to go for help is deep within, to that level of consciousness that lies beyond the materialistic mindset-to the God within or what ever.  We have to pray.

Praying means not asking for divine intervention by an external God. It is praying to the divine presence within, to our true Self. Moreover, we should not pray for the world to be different than it is. We    pray for a different perception of the world. We are asking for divine intervention where it really counts — in the mindsets that govern our thinking…. Invariably, We find our fears and judgements drop away. In their place is a sense of ease arises. Whoever or whatever was troubling us, We now see through more loving and compassionate eyes.
(Sourced from Speakingtree.timesofindia)

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