Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Greetings :  Smile and say Hello, goodmorning ! smiley

This is how , most of us greet people – acquaintances , friends, co-workers, etc., and sometimes to rank new faces also,  when we meet them for the first time in the day. This is my observation of people around me. But what , I observed is that , within most families, including mine,  the scenario  is quite contrary to this. Family members after getting up in the morning, go about their activities, without any greetings to each other and  sometimes not even acknowledging the presence of each other. They simply go about doing there activities and  talk , only, when the need arises. I fail to see the logic, behind this peculiar behavior – i.e., you greet with a smile all and sundry, outside the family circle throughout  the day, but you greet your family members with a long face, first thing in the morning . May be this is due to the baggages , we carry of the past, or busy in mind planning for the day etc., ofcourse , not for lack of love in their hearts for each other. But, I think, that should not be the reason , not to greet and express your love and wish a Goodmorning , to the people you love most, in yourlife
Greet everyone , in your family , a nice Goodmorning, with a big smile on your face.smiley

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