Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Morning walk Musings
Actually, I was not an early riser. And my morning walk business was on and off , to say, regularly irregular, upto two years back.  It all changed, when my daughter started attending tuitions for her Maths . The Maths tution timings was from 5.00am to 6.00 am . It was my duty to drop and pick her up from the tuition. So, in the gap between 5 and 6 am, I started walking at one of the college grounds, near by. And , I never looked back, since then. Now , the position is,  whether, my daughter has tution or not, it has become a part and parcel of my life. I get up at 4.30 am and go for a walk and slow jogging , almost everyday, without fail.
Mornings have become , my best part of the day, to begin a new day,  with new energy and vigour. I spend 30-45 minutes in the ground. I  like to be alone , while walking , because,  it is the best part/time of the day to be calm by yourself meditate while taking the strides.  Going with some companion means breaking into frequent conversation on the way, which generally involves Politics, or some other problems of the daily living. I don’t want to pollute my mind , so early in the morning and concentrate , on silence or repeating my favorite mantra ( Day by day , I am being Joyful, Happy , Loving, Caring, kind and compassionate, Healthy and wealthy, in mind, Body and spirit.) And also try to immerse  in the beauty of nature around me (Moon and stars in the sky, hearing variety of birds chirping , Goodmorning etc.,). There  is some serenity about it, in the early mornings , that’s why I prefer going all alone.
Walking in the morning has become a  habit and even on days when I feel lazy or lethargic in the morning, to  get out of bed, I force myself to leave the house because I know that once I am on my way I will enjoy,  every minute of my morning walk. It has become precious for me. Sometimes , while walking , in the serene atmosphere, I experience , some very nice insights of life and you start looking life , completely , in a different perspective.
And also , I take the opportunity to observe , my fellow walkers, and its really interesting and sometimes amusing – the way they walk, and the things they  talk (can’t help hearing people talk loudly, while overtaking them), etc.  30% of the walkers , walk alone, and rest in small groups ranging from 2 to 10. It is interesting to observe that , some walkers, even while walking,  are obsessed with their gadgets-Mobiles.    (Can’t they do without those things , early in the mornings also!) Some , hear Devotional songs and others general songs loudly . Some  use earphones. And Men, who walk in groups, the  topic of discussion invariably revolve around politics , while , women - in groups, discuss- cooking, family matters and about their neighbours.  Most of the people walk in anti-clock wise direction, but , a few , walk in clock-wise direction. (As per the opinion of Coaches and sports Doctors, Walking or running anti-clock wise direction is  all to do with the position of the heart, which sits on the left side of the chest. This makes running anti-clockwise more natural and comfortable.)
The positive side effects of regular walking are – it helps in developing good physical and Mental health in individuals, develops discipline in individuals, creates feel good factor for the day, and it keeps you going and meet the days challenges in a positive way.
The negative effects , I fear, is : ADDICTION. There is every possibility of addiction to go for Morning walk, almost daily. And to come out this addiction, one may need to consult a Psychiatrist or attend a de-addiction therapy classes.  smiley Keep smiling, it does'nt cost you anything.smiley

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