Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Prayer & Meditation

Prayer is a duality because it is a dialogue between you and an imaginary God, but still a dialogue. In prayer you are again desiring, asking to be forgiven for your sins, to be rewarded. Your prayer is a demand; you are a beggar when you are praying. And the prayer is based on the idea of God, and God is nothing but a projection of the human mind. God is anthropocentric. The Bible says God created man in his own image. The truth is just the contrary: man has created God in his own image. Your God simply represents you, your ambitions, your ideals. Your God is a projection of your mind. It is easy to talk about God, and it is easy to be understood when you talk about God; it is easy to talk about prayer, and easy to be understood when you talk about prayer, because everybody is living on that plane.
Buddha talks about meditation, not about prayer. Prayer has no place in his vision. Buddha never talks about God because he knows perfectly well that God has been manufactured by man either out of fear or out of greed; that God is the greatest desire of man and it is because of God that man remains in bondage, never becomes a light unto himself, always remains a beggar, dependent, a slave.
Buddha wants you to become emperors, not beggars. He wants you to be free of all projections -- God, paradise, the other world, all are included in your projections. Buddha wants you to get rid of mind itself, because that is what meditation is all about: entering into the world of no-mind.


  1. Man created god out of fear , greed or simply because he did not understand certan happenings. Agreed.
    But what do you mean when you say ' Budha wants to get rid of mind itself'?

  2. No Mind - means No thoughts. In meditation , we try to become calm , slowly and steadily , increasing the gaps of silence between thoughts that arise in our minds and ultimately reach a stage , where we are free of thoughts or thinking - utter silence and for me that is Bliss. Mind is where thoughts arise.