Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Self Reliance

The following paragraph is taken from Sri. Arun Shourie's book "Does he know a Mother's Heart" . The book has made me introspect  and think , all the notions of religiousness , that I had been following or held , till that time. It made an immense impact on the way , I think. The metamorphosis that I have undergone psycologically ,   after reading the above book, especially the , paragraph mentioned below is hard to imagine and it was a surprise , even to myself.  The impact of the meaning and intent was so great on me, it has completely changed my outlook on life, and started reading the life of Buddha and his teachings. And ,am  still,  in the process of understanding his teachings. 

One Criterion for adjudging the efficacy of God, Guru, Ritual, place of Piligrimage is "Does the notion or person or action make us dependent or Self -Reliant to deal with the problems or sufferings?" In almost all the cases, we will ultimately recognize or find out, that the notion or person or action makes us look upon others to solve our problems. That way lies the eventful dissappointment.  Contrast the notions they insinuate into our minds, with the Buddha's last words-- "Work out your own salvation with deligence" -- in which the responsibilty is placed  placed on US alone. "

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