Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Simple Steps to reach your Goal

To achieve whatever you want or aim , the first thing you have to have is a “desire” for it. Unless you have the desire , you don’t move ahead towards it. Simply desiring is not enough, then it is like day dreaming about something, like 'I want to become an IAS officer or Business Magnate or an athlete, etc.,' That DESIRE of yours should be backed by “WILL” or “Volition”. So, the DESIRE has to be backed by the willingness of the individual to do the hard work etc., to move towards his/her aim. Will of an individual is the “Engine” to move forward in the direction of ones aim/goal.  

After the Desire and Will, the next important step for moving ahead in the direction of ones aim/goal etc., is “Planning” or the “Path”. If there isn’t proper planning or steps , then one will not move ahead. So we have to have a proper plan/ schedule for reaching the desired result and one has to stick to it methodically or religiously.

After Planning comes the important step of “Implementation” of the plan, i.e., you are moving from the drawing board to the actual work. Here, Perseverance , plays a very important role, because, initially, one may face difficulties or failures or hindrances in the moving ahead according to the plans and achieve the desired results. One has to persevere with the task and have an attitude of “never give up”. If on the way , one notices some discrepancy in the processes, one should change it and go ahead, instead of stubbornly stick to the plan formulated in the beginning / planning stage. That means , you should have some flexibility.

With a firm Desire backed by a strong Will, with proper planning and implementing your plans with perseverance , you can reach your aim, successfully. All the four - Desire, Will, Planning and Implementation are interdependent on each other, and important each in its own way.

Another most important point is that whatever you want to achieve or is your aim/goal, it should be realistic in nature, based on ones inherent capacities and capabilities. For eg., if one suddenly decides that , he will compete in a Marathon than , it’s not a realistic aim/goal.  Always aim a little bit higher than what you think , you can achieve.

Following these simple steps, one can achieve his/her aims and objectives—whether is studies, or in other fields of life, or whatever one aims in Life.
Select a work or aim that you enjoy doing it, otherwise , it will become stressfull.


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