Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Time & Intent

I didn’t find / have /  time to do a particular act/activity/work etc!

Often we hear this phrase in our daily lives at home or at office or at any other work place . Actually what does anyone  mean by’ “I didn’t find / have /  TIME to do a particular act/activity/work etc!”

 If we go deep into it and examine, you realize that, the real thing is not the ‘Enough Time’ to do the job or activity or whatever it is (Most of the times), but, it is the ‘INTENT’. It is the INTENT that drives one to do things. When you observe, you find that,  we do have sufficient time to do things we like /intent or the things which interest us, even staying awake late into nights and with extra efforts, and we don’t even complain about the amount of time spent on a particular task. What I observed is that,  When Intention is right, things get done, otherwise not. So think twice examine yourself, before saying ” I didn’t have time” the next time , when someone asks you , for a particular thing or work or a job to be done . Is it really the “TIME” at your hand that was scarce or the “INTENT” was lacking in the first place. 

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