Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Why do many of us feel that something or someone exists that will make us more joyful, BETTER or complete? Why do we imagine that some knowledge, understanding or mystical experience can magically cure our 'unsatisfactory' state of being? What about our longing and 'need' to have a partner or close friend to share our life with in order not to feel alone or incomplete? 

In fact, why do we 'yearn' for anything at all… ever? 

ALL experiences, including the yearning itself, are bridges on the journey of discovery to know THYSELF. Even the physical desire we have for others is really our desire we have for ourselves, to know ourselves intimately, reflected back. 

The beauty, strength, compassion, knowledge and love we do not access within ourselves we seek out and try to experience through others/things… yet EVERYTHING is a reflection of the SELF. Smile and the mirror smiles back. The mirror doesn't smile and you follow. 

Keep that analogy in mind

ALL of our perceived shortcomings and inadequacies are nothing but a lie; a product of our EGO born out of a false belief system(s); All we think is 'wrong' with ourselves and each other is nothing more than an elaborate deception. 

More to the point, EVERYBODY is right now, always was and forever will be PERFECT. 

Now, let's begin unraveling how this is so…

We think or feel inadequate/superior when we compare and measure 'ourselves' against someone else or when we utilize a 'belief system' in order to get our identity and self worth from (always in comparison/paradigm, btw). 

This line of thinking/existing is LITERALLY delusional and only causes SUFFERING. 

Let's start with a fundamental...

We are ALL unique in our own way. We experience reality through our own personal and completely distinctive way because of, and through, our individual and totally unique history of experiences. We all utilize our individual senses/ perceptions and experience reality in the precise way we CHOOSE to experience reality. And that is the foundation of HAVING a life; so we can have our OWN personal experiences; and to learn and evolve at our own respective speed. 

So how does comparing your totally unique self and your distinct personal set of experiences against someone else's make any sense? No two snowflakes are alike and neither are any two people (and that is the point of EXPERIENCE itself). So why compare at all? And for what purpose does comparison serve?

Let's keep drilling down…

How does the comparing and measuring of 'one vs another' work, so to speak? Your EGO buys into and participates within the false belief system of MATERIALISM and its concept of 'success'. There are many layers to this false belief system (and many other false belief systems) but 'the more I have the more I am' is the foundation of Materialism. What we look like, how much money we have, our possessions and social status are all intertwined into this psychopathic belief system. And it's how many of us lead our lives, get our identity from and measure are self worth. In fact, this destructive belief system tells us that we are ONLY worthy of love if we are 'successful.'

Remember, the ego is never satisfied and will do anything to perpetuate its existence so this battle truly is the proverbial marathon and not a sprint. And that marathon can literally be tens of thousands of years within the cycle of rebirth and death. But the good news is you have to BUY INTO this delusion (or any delusion for that matter) for it have a hold of you.

Let's back up for one minute, though. 

The questions we must ask is, 'why does the false belief system of Materialism exist in the first place'? 

To introduce and perpetuate the idea that we are innately 'less' than; so we compete and take advantage of one another in pursuit of some delusional ideal of success in order to feel and be perceived as worthy (or not 'less' than). The fact that you have to do ANYTHING or achieve (within the confines of materialism) in order not to be considered 'less' than is insane… And the next step down from 'less than' is to simply be 'worthless.'

Understand that BEING is Cosmic Energy. It is present in the whole Multiverse. The moment you separate (BEING) and search for a meaning duality comes in to existence and all meaning becomes individualized (ego)… And therefore, ultimately, all 'solutions' to perceived 'problems' are not only futile but neither a solution nor a problem actually exists (we will discuss this more soon).

There is nothing 'wrong' with anyone. Ever. It's impossible. We give ourselves challenges to work with so we can experience, learn and evolve in every way possible. And that is the point; To Experience In Every Way Possible. Which is why our Creator created us; for IT to experience, learn and evolve all that IT can - through US (and other beings).

When viewed from that perspective how could anything ever be 'wrong' with you/me/us?

Our essence, our divine spark, our soul is perfection itself. This world was created for us to experience, learn and evolve…Individually and collectively, separately and together, all at once and all at our own speed, paradoxically. 

We are, always have been and forever will be PERFECT. What else could we be? It's only through erroneously adopting a (false) belief system and letting our ego lead our life could we possibly 'believe' we are anything but PERFECTION. 

Pure LOVE/COMPASSION is our identity, our true self, our divine and cosmic BEINGNESS.

All we 'experience', learn' and 'evolve' into…is what we ALREADY ARE sans our ignorance covering it up. ALL knowledge, compassion and joy ALREADY EXISTS WITHIN YOU.   

The only measure of success (and success is defined by not needing to continue the cycle of birth and rebirth) is to live your life in LOVE; to ENJOY and create JOY; to be COMPASSIONATE towards yourself and others; And to access the INDOMITABLE strength within yourself and therefore providing an example for others. 

So, how do we do live our life like that?

Simple… just free your MIND and open your HEART… let go of all belief systems, constructs and ideologies… and what remains?


(An article from Speaking Tree, which expresses , almost my views)

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