Sunday, 2 November 2014

Human Beings

(A wonderful story, please read)
In an ancient temple, a number of pigeons were living for quite some time in the top of the Gopuram (as they normally prefer elevated or high structures). It so happened that the temple management decided to renovate the temple and do Kumba abhishegam.
The moment the works began to start, the pigeons had no other choice other than to relocate to a different place.
They found a Church nearby and decided to settle down there. As there were already some pigeons who were in the Church, the new comers, managed to find places in between, wherever they could.
It so happened that since Christmas was nearing the Church management decided to paint the church. The new ones along with the earlier ones now had to move out and look for another place.
They were fortunate to find a place in a Mosque near by and similarly managed to find places for them to live along with the existing ones there.
The Mosque also, due to Ramzan decided to carryout some repair works.
As by this time the temple works and the function was over, all of them came back to the same temple.
One day, when the pigeons were sitting on the top and relaxing, they were watching some communal clashes going on below and not far away from the temple. The baby pigeon asked the mother pigeon "Who are these people ".
The mother replied that they are "Human beings".
The baby asked "but why are they fighting with each other".
The mother said "These human beings going to temple are called 'Hindus' and the people going to Church are called 'Christians' and the people going to Mosque are called 'Muslims'.
The Baby pigeon asked " why is it so, look, when we were in the Temple we were called Pigeons, when we were in the church we were called Pigeons and when we were in the Mosque, we were called Pigeons.
Similarly they should be called just 'Human beings' wherever they go".
Look at the wonderful reply the Mother gave "You and me and our Pigeon friends have understood and thats why we are living here in a highly elevated place peacefully, these people are yet to understand
that and hence they are living below us and fighting and killing each other".

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  1. Amusing that human beings are told repeatedly to be human beings!