Friday, 26 December 2014

Believe in a friendly Universe

Believe in a friendly universe
In the words of Albert Einstein, “One of the most profound decisions you can make in life is whether you believe in a friendly or a hostile universe.”
Whatever you believe in becomes your perceptual universe, because the fundamental nature of life is to create coherence between what you believe and what you experience. If you believe in a hostile universe then life becomes extremely arduous. What kind of a life would you be living, in which your best friend would be perceived as your enemy?
No matter what he did, even with the best of intent, you would be wary, always in doubt, trapped in the feelings of insecurity and hostility. You would lose out on a well-wishing precious resource that could have made your life beautiful.
Believing that the universe is friendly will put you at ease. You will feel safe and supported. When you feel at ease, you will live a simple life. There will not be any need for complex trade-offs and transactions, because you will be blessed with the ability to feel at home wherever you are, and joy will be an everyday phenomenon in your life.
Life is difficult for those who choose the complexities of their mind, live in fear, and believe in a hostile environment.
Life is easy for those who choose the simplicity of their hearts, live in love for themselves, and believe in a friendly universe.
It is always up to you to choose which route you wish to take. Whatever route you choose to take, the universe will always support you. You can either have what you want, or live with the reasons why you cannot get what you want. You cannot have both. If you choose to stay with what you want, without doubting that it will be given to you, then you will receive. But if you are more focused on why what you want cannot come to you, then that is what will come to you. Your mind will amplify all these reasons and make them your perceived reality.
In the end, you decide where your life will go. For you are the only captain of your own ship.
--- By Sanjiv Ranjan in Life Positive (Magazine)

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