Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Death is the ONLY "Definite" phenomena of all Living beings , and everything else is ephimeral. And , most of us Live our lives, as if the life is eternal. Of course , in a way, 'Life' is eternal, ‘bodies’ are temporary. As it is said, 'life' is independent of the body, in whichever form , it may manifest. Actually, what is 'life' that gives the 'life' in all the Living beings. Is it the ‘consciousness’, ‘soul’, ‘atma’ , or energy -- in whichever way it may be labelled as.  But, 'something' is in continuum. And I call that ‘something’ as ‘consciousness’ for convenience sake.   Any organism is ‘conscious’ if it can sense and respond, communicate and interact with living - and non living things in  nature. By this, we can say that all living beings , whether it is a human being, plant life, or animals etc., are ‘conscious’ . And the ‘BIG’ Question is that , whether this “Consciousness’ has any ‘DEATH” or ‘NOT’ ? 

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