Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Like & Dislike

On any issue or matter, what you may  “LIKE” may  be “DISLIKED” by another. And in the same way , what you may  “DISLIKE” , may be “LIKED” by another. This one of the life’s Paradoxes. It all depends of one’s perceptions, and conditioning of one’s mind and thinking, etc., Imagine for a minute, that everyone’s “LIKES” are same! Wouldn’t it  be damn “BORING” & “MONOTONOUS” !  Observe the ‘Nature’ around you. How varied and different in their natures. Each is different from on another , but still everything co-exist peacefully without any trouble. Its , we, “HUMANS” the so called “INTELLIGENT” species on this planet (esp. the present day generation) are not able to co-exist with the differences. The “INTOLERENCE” to other people’s opinions, etc., are on the rise. Is it something to do with the ‘lack of time’ with the ‘Modern man’ to be with ‘himself’ and ‘introspect’ about the ‘way of life’, he is living and heading? Or , maybe , one is not at peace with himself , and that reflects on what ‘he’ does ‘outside’.

The world around us, will be at PEACE, when each individual is at PEACE with himself . So, whenever a situation or something you encounter , that is not to your LIKING or DISLIKE , remember and remind yourself of our wonderful “NATURE’S” way of co-existing, SMILE & move on and live PEACEFULLY and Let others  live PEACEFULLY with all the DIFFERENCES. 

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