Thursday, 17 November 2016


I think this is the one word or topic , almost everyone's is discussing or on one's thoughts, after the demonetisation declaration by GOI.
Everyone, says and talks that ,Politicians are Corrupt, Govt.officials are corrupt, Society at large is corrupt. But, conveniently forget  what one is doing or try to curb this menace. Pointing the fingers on others is easy. I know most of us are not corrupt and work sincerely to the best of our abilities. But, then how does it grow. Corruption does not rise without ones express involvement, either as giver or taker. How many of the people , who take a high stand on corruption has not wet the hand of officials to get their work done? Society is a reflection of the same people , who make the society they live in. So, what does that mean? Most of the people are corrupt in one way or the other. Change can be brought by individual actions. And each individual action collectively becomes a collective change. Whatever change we want in the society, has to come from the Individual first,  society comes later. It cannot be brought from the above I.e., Govt or PM or CM or Minister or Mayor etc. Ofcourse, govt has to bring in the changes for easy compliance of taxes etc., Unless there is collective will , whatever the steps govt. take or plan will be successful only upto the level of sincere  participation of its targeted people. Blaming everything and everyone for the ills of the society is best time pass for most of the people. It does not work. Be the change , in whatever way , whichever way , however little / small it may be (as small as stopping at red light even Police is not present) to the one of  biggest source of Black money - real estate registrations ( Registering for the full value or price for which it is bought and not for a lower amount)

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