Thursday, 21 April 2016



What is the Life we are living?
 Have we ever paused enough to think about it?
Have we lost the ability to see the Magic of Life?

As I see, Everyone is caught up in routine, and everyone’s mind is preoccupied with , What’s the next thing they have TO DO. And everyone is caught up with doing that, and by doing that, they have all forgotten , how to be in the ‘Moment’. Life exists in this moment only. Everything else is Past or Future.
I think, We are taking Life & its problems , far too seriously, and forgotten to Live.
As I see around me, Most of the people neglect everything else – including Love, relationships, inherent Talents, creativity, Individuality, etc., for the sake of ‘MONEY’ & amassing “Material” worth & Imagine how much time people spend their Life , working in jobs, ‘merely’ to ‘earn’ and ‘spend’.
What is life, other than the span you got between “Birth” & “Death”. When you compare this span with that of the ‘Universe’ , it doesn’t even counts. Then why the hell all these running for achieving ‘something’ and wanting to ‘Become’ . When you take time to observe the rest of the Nature, around you , that we are part off, I could see the absurdity of , we , humans, striving to become something and acquire/possess and live as if , we live to eternity. I get bemused seeing people, even in their late ages also, be passionate of acquiring material wealth and spend sleepless nights over it. It pains , when people fight over issues like ‘Religion’, caste, color, boundaries ,etc., Why can’t we just ‘LIVE’ as other living beings that exists on earth. Does the ‘Intelligence’ of majority of humans is ‘used’ for destructing the planet , we are fortunate to be born in?
I realized , very late into my life (at the age of 51-52 years) that, I really am not bogged down with all the mundane , problems & issues , (for most they are VERY IMPORTANT) like Money, Work, worrying about Future, acquiring wealth by proper & by any means ,God, Materialism etc.,
The only measure of success (and success is defined by not needing to continue the cycle of birth and rebirth) is to live your life in LOVE; to ENJOY and create JOY; to be COMPASSIONATE towards yourself and others; And to access the INDOMITABLE strength within yourself and therefore providing an example for others.
So, how do we do live our life like that?
Simple… just free your MIND and open your HEART… let go of all belief systems, constructs and ideologies… and what remains?
When “Death” holds no “Horror” to you , there isn’t much else left or much to be afraid off. Does it!
Enjoy the small moments in our lives, spend time with loved ones, remove all masks we wear from the time we go out of our homes and be true to yourself. Take time to care for your Health, rather than Wealth. Smile often, which is the most natural thing that we all are born with. Meditate. Listen whatever your heart says rather than to your Mind.

Life is difficult for those who choose the complexities of their mind, live in fear, and believe in a hostile environment.
Life is easy for those who choose the simplicity of their hearts, live in love for themselves, and believe in a friendly universe.

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